Why Climbing?
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Focus And Concentration

Climbing builds these skills that serve children incredibly well as they grow up, both intellectually and beyond. It is fully engaging and a great activity for children.

Movement, Co Ordination And Strength

Climbing is a full body exercise combining strength, flexibility, balance, co ordination and skill. Young people who develop these attributes become more confident and resilient. The physical health benefits help them stay prepared for life’s challenges.

Problem Solving And Overcoming Fears

Climbing requires children to be aware of what they are doing and reflect on how to do things better. By its nature, climbing is a creative process involving conscious decision making. It allows young people to gain experience in breaking difficult things down and over coming fears.

Self Esteem

Succeeding at climbing requires young people to learn how to think and act with confidence. To make good decisions and trust in themselves and their peers.

Responsibility And Communication

Working with a climbing partner is a great way for children to learn and apply these skills as well as learning to work with others.

Enjoying And Respecting Nature

Connecting physically with nature helps young people develop a healthy respect for it and gives them the opportunity to learn about the natural environment. It is scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase wellbeing.

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