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If you enjoy any aspect of hillwalking, climbing or mountaineering on the island of Ireland, then you will benefit from being part of Mountaineering Ireland.

There are three ways to join:

  1. Through a club – click here to find details of clubs in your area
  2. Join as an individual member or with your family – click here for options
  3. Register for a training scheme and get discounted membership – click here

As a member, you receive lots of benefits while supporting the work we do on behalf of hillwalking, climbing and mountaineering, this includes:

  • A committed staff team to provide support, advice and information;
  • Working to improve access for our activities;
  • Protecting the mountain environment;
  • Developing and administering training schemes and awards;
  • Creating opportunities for people to participate in hillwalking and climbing;
  • Influencing the policies that affect our activities.

If you are a member through one of our Affiliated Clubs, click Club Members
If you are not part of a club and want to join Mountaineering Ireland directly click on Individual Member. 


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