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Indoor Climbing

Climbing indoors is a great way to begin climbing, to meet new people, and to develop your fitness and movement skills. Ireland has a wide variety of indoor climbing walls to choose from. Be it bouldering or roped climbing, everyone has something to learn from indoor climbing.

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Traditional Climbing

Ireland has an amazing wealth of high-quality rock which is suitable for trad climbing.
Not only has Ireland a long and rich history of trad climbing, we also have a huge amount of un-climbed rock to keep future generations pushing their limits.

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Sport Climbing

Ireland offers huge potential for sport climbing, with development still in its infancy.  Unaccepted in the past, the Irish climbing community is now beginning to welcome and enjoy the development of sport climbing. In the coming years, it is hoped that this development will continue to grow, producing high quality routes for all levels of climber.


Bouldering is on the rise in Ireland, and is now arguably the most popular style of climbing, indoors and out. Done with minimal equipment, with friends or alone, bouldering offers something for everyone. Seen as the purest form of climbing, it is the best and most efficient way to develop and hone your climbing skills.
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