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The growth in the number of people getting out bouldering has led to the discovery of more and more bouldering venues.

Starting to Boulder

Starting bouldering is easier than any of the other climbing disciplines. To start bouldering the only equipment is a pair of climbing shoes, a chalk bag, a brush and a boulder mat.
If you climb at an indoor climbing wall keep an ear out for people going outside. Going to a bouldering competition such as the Irish Bouldering League is a sure fire way to meet up with people going bouldering outside.


Published guidebooks are available from the Mountaineering Ireland online shop, from the Mountaineering Ireland office and from outdoor shops.
Click on the links below to go to the Mountaineering Ireland online shop:
The website is filled with information and news about bouldering in Ireland.

Access & Environment

All of these places we climb are located on land which is under either private or state ownership. Access for rock climbers to these venues is permitted as long as rock climbers respect the owners and conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Here are a few guidelines to help maintain this balance:
  • Seek the landowners permission where possible
  • Be considerate where you park your car
  • Close any gates after you
  • Do not cause damage to fences or any other property
  • Do not leave any rubbish after you
  • Keep the noise levels down
  • Do not bring dogs where livestock are present
SaveBouldering is a new initiative to help protect bouldering venues. Check out the SaveBouldering website. 

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