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The Irish Lead Championships returns in 2023, and will also run as Round 1 of the Four Nations Lead Cup Series.

The competition will take place on the weekend of 06th & 07th May at Awesome Walls, Dublin.

The Four Nations series will include four roped climbing rounds taking place across the four nations: Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Categories: Youth A, B, C, D and Senior (16 upwards, including if you turn 16 in the year of the competition)

Please note: Youth D climbers will be Top-roping.

For the 2023 Irish Lead Championships / Four Nations Lead Cup, to obtain a Series Rank, you need to attend a minimum of three rounds. Where you have attended more rounds, your best three scores will count towards the overall series Rank.


  • Saturday 06th May - Youth B, C and D Categories
  • Sunday 07th May - Youth A and Senior Categories

Each category will compete on one day only.

Entry on-line opens:

8am Monday 20 March 2023, and closes at 8pm Sunday 23 April 2023 - The competition has now ended.

Late entries will not be accepted.

Event Details

Categories for 2023:

The 2023 Irish Lead Championship is open to climbers in the following categories:

Competition category

Year of birth


2007 and earlier

Youth A


Youth B


Youth C


Youth D


For competitors who turn 16 in the year of the competition, you may choose to enter either Youth A or Senior. Please specify your choice when answering the booking questions via Eventbrite.



  • Member of Mountaineering Ireland: €25
  • Non-member of Mountaineering Ireland: €30

All competitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by one parent/guardian only, but loco parentis can be used where required. If a parent/guardian, spectator or coach, volunteers to assist in a Judge or Belayer role on the day, this will be in addition to the accompanying adult.

Join Mountaineering Ireland and save money on entry fees!

Individual youth membership is available for €25.

Click here for more information: New Member Registration

Volunteer judges and belayers

As with all roped climbing competitions, this competition will rely on the participation of volunteer judges and belayers for the climbers to compete. If possible, we ask that volunteers, parents, and competitors help in this regard. All belayers must be suitably experienced, and belayers and judges will receive a briefing from our Chief Judge prior to the start of each round.

Please let me know if you are available to judge or belay:


Spectators are very welcome to come and support the climbers.

Entry Details

  • Entry is only accepted via the Eventbrite online entry system
  • Late entries will not be accepted
  • All competitors must complete a Mountaineering Ireland - Competition Registration Form. Please download, print and submit the completed form to the registration desk on the day of competition.

Enter via: Eventbrite online entry system

Download: Mountaineering Ireland - Competition Registration Form


Each category will face two qualifying routes and a final route.

Categories: Youth B, C and D will climb on Saturday 06th May.

Categories: Youth A and Senior (16+) will climb on Sunday 07th May.

There are two qualification routes per category, there will be no isolation for these routes. The starting order for the first qualifying route is random. Then the starting order for the second qualifier is the same as the first but staggered halfway. E.g. If there are 20 competitors in the category, number 11 will climb first on the second qualifier.

For the finals, all finalists will be held in an isolation zone. There will be a six minute observation of the final route, and then the finals are climbed on-sight.


When entering online, all competitors must read, understand and accept the rules of the competition. Please take note of Eligibilities and Anti-Doping policies. The rules for the event can be found here: Rules for the 2023 Irish Lead Championships / Four Nations Lead Series

Provisional Schedule

Warning: This provisional schedule will be confirmed after registration has closed, and will depend on the number of registered athletes.

Saturday 06th May

  • · 08.00 – Registration opens

    · 08.30 – Registration closes

    · 08:45- Judges Briefing

    · 09:00- Competitor Briefing 

    · 09.30 – Qualifiers start 

    · 14.30 – Qualifiers finish

    · 15.30 – Isolation opens

    · 16.00 – Isolation closes

    · 16.45 – Finals observation

    · 17.00 – Finals

    · Award ceremony after

Sunday 07th May

    • · 08.00 – Registration opens

      · 08.30 – Registration closes

      · 08:45- Judges Briefing

      · 09:00- Competitor Briefing

      · 09.30 – Qualifiers start

      · 14.30 – Qualifiers finish

      · 15.30 – Isolation opens

      · 16.00 – Isolation closes

      · 16.45 – Finals observation

      · 17.00 – Finals

      · Award ceremony after

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel less than five business days before the competition - you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • If the competition is cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance - you will be entitled to a full refund.

Provisional Results

Four Nation Lead Climbing Series (

Further Information

Contact: Michael Duffy, Climbing Development Officer, Mountaineering Ireland.


Phone: +353 87 289 7181


Final Results:

Irish Lead Championships 2023 (

Podium Shots:

Youth D - Female

1. Olivia Fraser

2. Gabriella Bodo

3. Eve Craig  - Irish Champion

Youth D - Male

1.  Bodhi Wills

2.  Joey Howells

3.  Samuel Mayer  - Irish Champion

Youth C - Female

1.   Imogen Lilley

2.   Sophie Morton 

3.   Ilmur Jonsdottir  - Irish Champion

Youth C - Male

1.    Charlie Wardrop

2.    Oscar Lenehan  - Irish Champion 

3.    Caleb Shine

Youth B - Female

1.     Ember Mulhearn

2.     Lily Moss

3.     Seren Wednesday Wills

Youth B - Male

1.      Daniel Shine  - Irish Champion

2.      Reuben Hayward

3.      Fionn Buckley

Youth A - Female

1.       Amy Rafferty  - Irish Champion

2.       Ciara Lawler

3.       Cara Grange

Youth A - Male

1.       Sean Henchion - Irish Champion

2.       Ryan Smit

3.       Dean Lawless

Senior - Female

1.        Faith Blaney,  - Irish Champion

2.        Katie Fisher 

3.        Ciara Burgoyne 

Senior - Male

1.        Michael O'Neill  - Irish Champion

2.        Rory Cummings  

3.         Conor Orr

 Photos courtesy of Ian Lawler from The Dublin Cliffhangers.

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