Understanding Access
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Understanding Access

The forms of access we stand for:

  • Mountaineering Ireland supports the principle that there should be access to open country for the purpose of recreation. Mountaineering Ireland will continue to campaign for agreed access to mountains, crags and the coastal areas visited by Mountaineering Ireland members and other responsible recreational users.
  • Mountaineering Ireland will endeavour to do all in its power to ensure that the writers of guidebooks on walking routes and trails consult landowners to determine the status of access on their land prior to including details in published works.
  • Mountaineering Ireland will co-operate with landowners and State bodies to provide access routes.
  • Mountaineering Ireland and its members will at all times seek to develop and maintain good relations with landowners. The assistance, support and goodwill of local affiliate clubs and individual Mountaineering Ireland members are vital to the achievement of these objectives.
  • When local access issues arise Mountaineering Ireland will, where possible and practical, enter into discussions with the landowners/occupiers concerned.
  • Mountaineering Ireland will maintain a database detailing reported access difficulties and will work with all concerned parties to ensure that difficulties are addressed.
  • Mountaineering Ireland will work to preserve existing rights-of-way and paths.
  • We consider that expenses reasonably incurred by landowners in the provision of recreational access should be compensated.
  • Where restrictions on access are required for conservation or other reasons (sound and reasonable farming/agricultural/wildlife protection/forestry reasons) Mountaineering Ireland will work to ensure that a reasonable balance is achieved between access and conservation requirements.
  • Mountaineering Ireland is opposed to further unnecessary fencing of open land, as it hinders access and is obtrusive.

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