Running Events

Running Events

Well planned and well managed outdoor activity events are enjoyable for participants, make a positive contribution to the rural economy and have minimal adverse impact on the natural environment, heritage features, other land users and local residents.

Even the best events can be improved!

By taking these guidelines on board, you can help ensure that events such as walking festivals, challenge walks, adventure races and fundraising hikes are positive for the environment, for the local community and for the participants.

Events Policy

While primarily intended for members, Mountaineering Ireland's Events Policy is relevant to anybody organising, or participating in an event that takes place in Ireland’s mountain environment (hills, mountains, forests, bogland, sea cliffs and associated areas).
The policy and its accompanying guidelines are aimed at events involving more than 50 people. Examples of such events include: walking festivals; challenge walks; adventure and multi-sport races; mountain marathons; climbing meets; charity challenges and fund-raising hikes.
Ireland’s mountain environment has areas of great scenic beauty, forming inspirational landscapes with a sense of wilderness and space. Despite their rugged character, Ireland’s mountains include many fragile and sensitive habitats such as blanket bogs and heaths.
In recent years there has been a huge growth in recreation and organised events taking place in Ireland’s mountain areas, sometimes resulting in damage to the environment and inconvenience for local people. The lack of a management body for most of our upland areas and the absence of any legal right of access are further reasons why there is a need for guidelines for the organised events that take place in the Irish mountains.
Mountaineering Ireland wants to see events that take place in Ireland's mountains to do so by incorporating the best of practices for the sustainability of these fragile places. The policy has four key principles; planning, respect, skills and sustainability.

Policy and Guidelines for organised events in Ireland's mountain areas

Whose Events do we publish?

Mountaineering Ireland publishes events that are organised by affiliated clubs (where the club is named on event publicity and information is supplied by the club) and Mountain Rescue teams. The club or Mountain Rescue team must also complete the commitment statement (which can be found at the end of the policy document) that their event will be planned and managed in accordance with the policy. Therefore, it is the club organising the event that decides, based on its own planning and management of the event, whether it should or can be promoted by Mountaineering Ireland or not.
Mountaineering Ireland clubs and mountain rescue teams hosting events that adhere to Mountaineering Ireland's Events Policy can promote their events through the, e-zine and the Irish Mountain Log.
Please email your commitment statement to or if you require any other assistance with your event please email

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