Other Benefits
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Other Benefits

As well as the many tangible benefits mentioned we are the national representative for hillwalkers and climbers and by becoming a member you support the work we do at a national level such as:

  • Provide a dedicated staff team to provide support, information and training to our members
  • To strive for improved and assured access for responsible hillwalkers and climbers
  • To be a voice for the protection of mountain landscapes
  • Develop programmes and initiatives to support participation
  • To promote responsible participation in all aspects of mountaineering
  • Promote mountain training and skills development

Reciprocity Stamps

Reciprocity Stamps - UIAA Member Federation Mountain Hut Exchange program

Members of Mountaineering Ireland who purchase a reciprocity stamp are entitled to use over a thousand mountain huts in Europe in addition to the largest network of backcountry huts in North America, thanks to the support of the Alpine Club of Canada’s extensive network.

A Reciprocity Stamp can be purchased by members through the Mountaineering Ireland office for €50. here

Further details can be found here. 

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