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Our Mission

Mountaineering Ireland is the National Governing Body on the island of Ireland for hillwalking, climbing and mountaineering in all its facets. We represent the interests of hillwalkers, climbers and mountaineers. We provide advice and support relevant to clubs, individual members, participants, stakeholders and the public. We work to maintain and improve access to the places where we enjoy our sports and activities protect and sustain those places and the mountain environment educate and provide skills and safety training and advice administer qualification awards and schemes create opportunities for all to participate influence national and local government and the policies which affect our interests

Our Vision

Mountaineering Ireland is the ‘go to’ organisation and the voice of hillwalkers, climbers and mountaineers on the island of Ireland. We champion personal responsibility, challenge, adventure and participation while also caring for the places and environment in which we enjoy our activities and sports.

Our Strategic Priorities


Be the ‘go to’ organisation

  • Ensure we remain relevant and effective by continuing to modernise our organisation, our culture, our organisational structure, governance and leadership models
  • Elevate our national presence, visibility and brand awareness by radically improving our communications with our members and stakeholders, across all modes and channels
  • Improve our funding and other income streams to support investment in our staff, processes, technology and to support delivery of this plan
  • Improve our technology platform to deliver a better end-to-end service experience to support our clubs, members and other participants
  • Develop and strengthen our partnerships and relationships with all stakeholders, at local, national and international level.


Grow and promote responsible participation in all our activities

  • Grow our membership by 15% per annum over the next four years, achieved through growth in attracting club and individual members, retention of existing members and converting participants to members
  • Engage with newer participants and non-affiliated hillwalkers and climbers through improved offerings and services, reflecting their particular needs
  • Actively increase participation of young people (e.g. youth organisations, families) and improve the pathways for all young people to ensure they reach their potential in our activities
  • Support equal access to our activities and sports, for people of all abilities and from all backgrounds
  • Utilise the position of Get Ireland Walking as a gateway to hillwalking; including those deemed hard-to-reach, special populations and minority groups.


Support all those involved in our sports and activities, while appreciating the health and wellbeing benefits

  • Radically review and strengthen our offerings and supports to our members; empowering our clubs to excel and grow
  • Champion personal responsibility and self-reliant recreation through increased environmental and safety awareness campaigns and training
  • Provide responsive and innovative training opportunities for members and participants
  • Build on our involvement in the National Outdoor Recreation Strategy and support members to influence the development and delivery of local outdoor recreation plans
  • Improve our support and recognition for our much-valued volunteers.


Improve access and care for the mountain environment

  • Ensure access for hillwalking and climbing is protected and improved through shared responsibility, partnership and political support
  • Support an expanded network of members actively involved in protecting access and the mountain environment, and representing our interests on other organisations, through various means including an updated suite of position statements
  • Actively promote wider appreciation of the beauty, fragility, uniqueness and value of Ireland’s mountain environment through our environmental awareness events, training and publications
  • Support our members in responding to the climate crisis through increasing understanding, personal action, advocacy and partnership
  • Increase awareness of upland path erosion and ensure that this issue is addressed through sustained investment and the sharing of skills and experiences via the Helping the Hills network.


Support all those involved in our activities and sports to achieve their potential

  • Champion personal excellence and adventure across all our activities
  • Nurture personal proficiency and leadership through informal training, qualifications schemes and awards
  • Secure the appropriate financial, human and physical resources for our high performance athletes to ensure they have the very best opportunities to reach their full potential at the highest level of international competition
  • Develop and implement a Sport Climbing High Performance Plan for national and international competition, centred on supporting and developing our current high performance athletes, those in our development squads and youth pathways in line with our membership of the Olympic movement
  • Increase the proportion of female leaders, instructors and role models by nurturing upskilling at all levels of our sports.

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