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Challenge Yourself

Ireland's mountains afford us endless opportunities for challenge, either as part of an organised event or individually. One of the more achievable challenges for hillwalkers is to hike all of Ireland's highest hundred peaks. These peaks are listed in Mountaineering Ireland's Irish Peaks publication, along with detailed route descriptions contributed by Mountaineering Ireland members from across the island of Ireland.

Challenge Walks

Many clubs organise challenge walks throughout the year, which can be a great way to meet new people out on the hills, explore an upland area that you are not so familiar with, and enjoy the camaraderie of an organised event. The challenge routes can also be done on your own at any time of the year. Find a list of challenge walks and hillwalking festivals here


Mountaineering Ireland and MountainViews have collaborated to develop an all island list of Irish mountains, capable of acquiring the status and recognition of the Scottish Munro list. The Arderins is a list of 406 mountains that are +500m in height with a prominence of at least 30m. The term ‘Arderin’ is symbolic, meaning ‘Ireland’s height’ in Irish, as well as being the name of a hill located close to the geographical centre of the island.

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Mountain Views

MountainViews started in 2002 as a website to provide useful information about all of Ireland’s hills and mountains. The site provides information about the summits, their locations, their name origins etc. Try the site and find over 6000 comments on over 1000 summits with trip reports and information on parking, access, points of interest and photos. Beyond statistics find shared interest expressed in the stories of other hillwalkers and of the summits they have climbed.
MountainViews also promotes summiteering (visiting each summit on a list) as an important and thriving discipline of hillwalking. While only a fraction of the membership participate in this often lifelong challenge this still amounts to over 1500 members. You can mark off which summits you have climbed and compare your progress.

Visit to find a wide range of information on hillwalking routes.

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