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Access Policy

Mountaineering Ireland recognises that all land is owned, and that most land on the island of Ireland is privately owned, either by individuals or jointly owned as commonage. We understand that we do not have a legal right of entry to land, and that we walk and climb the mountains with the goodwill and tolerance of the landowners. Maintaining that goodwill is a priority for Mountaineering Ireland and a shared responsibility across the walking and climbing community. While this informal access arrangement continues to work well in the majority of locations, access is not secure. With growing participation in outdoor recreation, models of access will be needed that work well for landowners and for people engaging in recreational activity.

Mountaineering Ireland's policy on access is:
“That we are actively seeking reasonable access to the upland areas and a network of paths allowing for access to these areas for responsible users.”

Reasonable Access

The aim of Mountaineering Ireland is to have open, unrestricted access on foot to unenclosed hills and mountains, coastal areas and climbing crags throughout Ireland. This should be achieved through a footpath network, including paths leading from the public roads and car parks, through or around the enclosed fields out onto the open hillsides / mountainsides.

Mountaineering Ireland aims to achieve this goal through a process of cooperation and negotiation, rather than confrontation.

Responsible Users

Engaging in hillwalking, climbing and mountaineering is, for many people, about freedom, overcoming challenges and a deep passion for the outdoors. The enjoyment of mountain and coastal landscapes brings with it a responsibility to the natural environment, to landowners and farmers, and to other users of the land. Mountaineering Ireland actively encourages respectful enjoyment of the countryside by recreational users. Being responsible includes being properly prepared for your chosen activity and taking responsibility for your own safety.

Read Mountaineering Ireland's full access policy here.

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