Classic Mountain Days Treks & Climbs in Ireland, Europe & America

Classic Mountain Days Treks & Climbs in Ireland, Europe & America
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Gareth Ll. Jones has produced a pictorial mountain memoir that illustrates over 60 years of mountain exploration and adventure. Since he came to Ireland from Wales in 1962, he has seen the hills change from wild landscapes with few trails, to popular, heavily tracked mountains. These treks recognise the geology and glacial activity in the hills.
The book was launched on the 20th February in the Dropping Well, Milltown by Frank Nugent the experienced
mountaineer, explorer and expedition leader. A former Chairman of Mountaineering Council of Ireland; he was
the deputy leader of the 1993 first successful Irish Everest Expedition; followed in Shackleton and Crean’s
footsteps across the Island of South Georgia on the 1997 South Arís Expedition; and sailed the Northwest Passage in the 2001 Northabout Expedition.
This 300-page pictorial extravaganza will appeal to the large number of people, all around the country, now
involved with and taking up hill walking. It illustrates over fifty walks from Wicklow to Kerry, from Clare to
Mayo and from Donegal to Down, as well as treks in the UK, Europe and North America. Gareth started hill
walking in Wales before he came to Ireland in 1962. He has since been climbing mountains in Ireland and around the world.
He was a member of the Irish Mountaineering Club and of the Spillikin Club, and a Founder Member of the
Cavern Rock and Fell Club, RCSI. He is a member of Mountaineering Ireland and of MountainViews. This book
not only records the changes in the mountains but chronicles inter alia various hill walking groups including the
Saturday Walkers and the” Old Farts” hiking groups - that he still treks with.
Gareth Jones lives in Dublin with his wife Sheila and is a geologist specialising in microfossils and geothermal
energy. He has spent a lifetime exploring landscapes, climbing mountains and surveying caves.

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