Women with Altitude

Approximately 50% of Mountaineering Ireland’s total membership is made up of women however research and feedback showed that a disproportionately low percentage of our female members took on leadership roles on the hills, walked and climbed independently or progressed to complete our awards. The Women With Altitude initiative was started in 2011 with the aim of increasing the skills and so the confidence of women on the hills. The initiative is centered around one annual weekend event which is based in a different part of Ireland each time. This weekend is focused on increasing participants’ levels of confidence both through trying out new activities and also consolidating existing skills. The weekend consists of both instructional and self-directed activities and also includes a number of talks and workshops. In addition to learning and improving hard skills, Women With Altitude provides a platform for the many female mountaineering role models we have in Ireland and is an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded women. The flagship weekends have resulted in smaller groups meeting up periodically during the year to enjoy the hills and crags.

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Women’s Rock Festival

For the first time on the island of Ireland, Mountaineering Ireland is introducing a rock climbing event dedicated purely to women who climb. As the numbers of female outdoor and indoor climbers rapidly grows, there is an increasing demand to gather and share their experience. The event is open to female climbers of all ages and abilities. It offers the opportunity to meet other likeminded climbers, to get their technical support, start networking and create new bonds. It is a great opportunity to meet leading female climbers during the inspirational talks and to ask questions about their challenges in rock climbing.  There is a technical workshop focused on the fear of falling and yoga classes to prepare both body and mind for the rock climbing challenges.

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Female Master Classes

This is a series of inspirational interviews with the Female Role Models of Irish mountaineering, who have helped to shape the landscape of Irish mountaineering today. The interviews give an interesting insight into their lives, climbing expeditions, achievements, failures and struggles. It also shows their views and opinions about the current position of females in modern mountaineering.

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