Heading to the MacGillycuddy Reeks?

07 May 2024

If your club or hiking group is planning a trip to the MacGillycuddy Reeks remember that all groups of 10 or more people are asked to submit a group registration form to the MacGillycuddy Reeks Mountain Access Forum.

This also applies to commercial guides and charity / challenge events. The Forum monitors the registrations to help prevent congestion or clashing events. The registration form is here - https://www.macgillycuddyreekskerry.com/events

The MacGillycuddy Reeks is a pilot area for a national model to provide clarity of access to upland areas, the Mountain Access Project (MAP). The MacGillycuddy Reeks Mountain Access Forum was established in 2014, bringing different stakeholders together to protect, manage and sustainably develop this unique mountain range. The Forum has done training and path works to address path erosion in the MacGillycuddy Reeks, and also set up an agri-environment project which does a lot of work to control the spread of rhododendron in the area.

Key messages from the Forum for walkers and climbers in the Reeks are to:

  • Help prevent the spread of erosion by keeping within existing path lines wherever possible and being mindful of weather and ground conditions.
  • Remember that the MacGillycuddy Reeks are privately-owned land which we enjoy with the goodwill of landowners. Engaging with any farmers or local people you meet helps to build the trust that we depend upon for continued access.
  • Pick up litter that you notice on the hills and take home your own rubbish including all biodegradable items.
  • Not take dogs into the MacGillycuddy Reeks due to the impact they can have on farm animals and wildlife.

Visitors to the MacGillycuddy Reeks are encouraged to support the work of the Forum by contributing to the honesty boxes in the Lisleibane and Breanlee car parks, and on the route into the Hag’s Glen from Cronin’s Yard. You can also become a Friend of the Reeks by making an online donation - https://www.macgillycuddyreekskerry.com/funding/friend-of-the-reeks

If you have any queries on the above, or you would like more information about the Mountain Access Project, please email helen@mountaineering.ie


For social media, or could go in the Newsletter if you feel it’s a good fit, or if you’re short of items. I don’t think it needs both social media and the newsletter. I have no suggested images, maybe a map of Austria might catch the attention of relevant people?

Links between Austria and Ireland’s mountains

Mountaineering Ireland has been contacted by a filmmaker seeking information on mountaineering connections between Ireland and Austria, eg Austrian hillwalkers or climbers living in Ireland, or any well-known Austrian mountaineers that have visited Ireland’s mountains.

If you have any information on links between Austria and Ireland’s mountains or suggestions that might be helpful, please email helen@mountaineering.ie

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