Hillwalking in Ireland

"The attraction certainly cannot lie in the view to be obtained from the summit;  for as a rule the view is better when you are looking at mountains, not from them.  It is not solely for the physical satisfaction of making the ascent, though there is no better exercise in the world than climbing.  I hope it is not simply in order to have the gratification of telling other people about one's achievement;  nor for the self-justification of carrying out a difficult climb in spite of contrary odds.  No, there is a greater satisfaction than that in it:  the beauty and aloofness of high mountains and the hard physical effort which is required to visit them combine to produce an emotion which has an inexpressible charm for those who have experienced it.  Mountains have always been acclaimed as the dwelling-place of the gods, and the mountain spirit reveals himself at such moments to his worshippers."   F. Spencer Chapman

Ireland has a rich heritage with stories, myths and legends at every turn. The scenery is wild and varied - from meandering valleys, deep lochs and spectacular hills to its windswept coastline. The ‘Emerald Isle’ gives the walker the perfect environment to experience FS Chapman’s philosophical view of the hills.   But Ireland isn’t just about the high peaks you can ramble along the lower rolling heather clad hills absorbing the scenery or stay down even lower in the valleys and coastline, to experience the monasteries, castles and remnants of a past life.

Here you will find lots of useful information, techniques and skills, but if you can't find what you are after please contact us.


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