Winter Meet 2022

Date: 12-19/02/2022
Venue: Onich, Scotland

Scottish Winter Meet 2021

Attending a meet is an ideal way to develop your winter mountain skills and meet likeminded outdoor enthusiasts. Whilst every member enjoys getting out into the mountains and crags, not everyone enjoys doing this in the winter. A meet brings together the cold loving amongst us, who like to have adventures in the snowy and icy conditions.  

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The article below, written by a previous youth participant.

Mountaineering Ireland Winter Meet Michelle Devlin UCC

As it was my first time participating in a MI event, I was unsure what to expect and slightly nervous, I hadn’t done much winter mountaineering and didn’t know if either my fitness level or technical skills were up to the challenge. However, any doubts that I may have had prior to attending were quickly dispelled as soon as I met the guides we would be working with, as both Jane and Andy were everything a person could have asked for in a teacher. They were knowledgeable and extremely competent with regards to the areas and skills they taught, as well as being very open and flexible with what each individual wished to extract from the course.
Thankfully the weather was much better than I anticipated and this probably had a large impact on the overall enjoyment of the course As we reached the top of a Monroe on the last day with the sun buffering us, it seemed as though we had reached a little bit of heaven and made the idea of moving to Scotland full time to squander the rest of my days hiking seem like a great life plan. Alas it wasn’t to be.
Looking back now, I have to say that it was a fantastic experience and one I wish to repeat many times in the future. All the people we met were friendly and there were often discussion about gear and experiences in the evening over a few social drinks. It was great to meet other people who shared the same interests from all over Ireland; it really fostered a community spirit and encouraged further involvement.
It’s hard to choose a favourite part, but for me it was probably the rope-work in winter conditions- moving together, tying knots, building anchors etc. as this is the area I hadn’t much experience with. Well, either that or having a week off university and sliding down hills on my bum. Turns out you can get some real speed in water proof pants!

Michelle Devlin UCC


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