IMC host Karen Doyle Workshop - Shoulder Injury Prevention and Rehab

Date: 18/10/2018
Venue: Awesome Walls
The Irish Mountaineering Club are hosting the following workshop - 
Physical therapist Karen Doyle ( ) will be at Awesome Walls on the 18th October to give an interactive workshop about shoulder injury prevention and rehabilitation.

‘Shoulder injuries are the most common injury I see in climbers and I think most people have had a niggle at some stage. There were plenty of taped up shoulders at the recent Climbing World Cup in Innsbruck.

Most injuries are due to not using the muscles around the shoulder correctly so this is a practical workshop to learn how to use the shoulder properly. We will do some drills on and off the climbing wall to practice the movement. We will also look at some simple exercises to strengthen common imbalances that climbers frequently have.’

The workshop will start in the party room and finish at the bouldering wall. Karen will be available to answer any of your climbing injury related questions during and after the session.

All are welcome to attend and participation is free.

Bring your climbing shoes.

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