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Title:  Climb With Charlie
Date:  14/01/2022




Mountaineering Ireland respects and admires Charlie Bird’s decision to climb Croagh Patrick on Saturday 2nd April to raise awareness of people suffering terminal illnesses and all those going through a difficult time.

Charlie’s courage is motivating a great many people to get walking. Whatever your level of fitness, or wherever you are across the country, you can support Charlie by walking a trail or hill in your local area.

Mountaineering Ireland wants everyone participating to have a safe and enjoyable experience, both during your preparation for this event and when you walk and climb in support of Charlie. We have provided advice below for people participating in the Climb With Charlie, and for those organising an event.

Climb with Charlie has already provided inspiration, and it’s set to bring challenge and reward. Mountaineering Ireland is pleased that this event will encourage more people to experience the physical and mental health benefits that flow from walking and climbing. To ensure that Charlie Bird’s positive initiative does not bring a negative outcome, it’s critical that you take steps to ensure your own safety, not least because Mountain Rescue volunteers may be stretched on the day. For many people this will also be an emotional event - please look after yourself and others.


Advice for Climb With Charlie participants:

  • Participants are encouraged to build up their fitness, experience and skills over the coming weeks. If you are new to hillwalking and have a medical condition please consult your doctor before taking part. The Sport Ireland website and Walk NI both provide details of trails across the country. Shorter trails provide a good place to start your preparation.
  • Plan your walk beforehand, if you are not familiar with the route, go with someone who is. Carry a map and use the time ahead of this event to learn more about map-reading and navigation.
  • Always check the weather forecast, head out early so that you can complete your walk before dark, wear sturdy footwear that will provide good grip on wet or rough ground and carry a backpack with extra clothing, snacks, drinks and a fully charged mobile phone.
  • Please take responsibility for your safety, enjoy the outdoors with care for the natural environment, and consideration for those who own the land and other local residents.
  • Spring is a beautiful time of year in the countryside; lambs are born and it’s also the breeding season for wildlife. To protect farm animals and all wildlife, particularly bird species that nest on the ground, participants are asked not to take dogs into the mountains or onto farmland, and only to take them on trails where dogs are allowed.

Further tips for Happy Hiking and a handy checklist of essential items are available here:


Additional advice for event organisers

  • As there is huge support for Climb With Charlie, consider having your event on Sunday 3rd April, or even the following weekend to reduce the pressure of numbers.
  • Select a robust route, where there’s a clear path and no need for waymarking. If waymarking is necessary at key points, use removable markers, e.g. bamboo canes with ribbons. Any markers should be put in place just before the event and removed as soon as possible afterwards. Spray paint should not be used.
  • Hiring a bus could help prevent traffic congestion and difficulty getting parking.
  • Avoid the crowds by choosing a lesser-known mountain, check out the Arderins list for ideas here
  • Consult with landowners (private and public) or the trail management body in the area for your event. In some places, a licence or permit may be required.
  • By getting people to register in advance you can manage numbers, ensuring you have enough experienced people within the group, and it means you can get messages directly to your participants with advice about parking, weather, clothing etc.
  • Follow the current public health advice, and check out Mountaineering Ireland’s Covid-19 guidelines for additional considerations to bear in mind.


Further guidance for event organisers is available in Mountaineering Ireland’s Policy and Guidelines for Organised Events in Ireland’s Mountain Areas.

Thank you to everyone involved for their continued support and dedication whilst enjoying our activities on the hills, mountains, crags and walls.

Enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly. 


For more information contact:

Ruth Whelan - Hillwalking Development Officer - 087 161 2990 - 

Helen Lawless - Access & Conservation Officer - 086 8046687 - 


Visitors to this web site are reminded that hillwalking, climbing and rambling are activities that can be dangerous and may result in personal injury or death. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

Footnote: Croagh Patrick is currently the focus of attention for another reason – it’s the location for a highly skilled conservation project to repair the erosion that has developed from centuries of footfall along the Pilgrim route on Ireland’s holy mountain. For more information click here.


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