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Title:  Gearing Up To Get Moving Again
Date:  14/04/2021

For most of us it has been much too long since we have been able reach our wonderful mountains. As the evenings get brighter, there is a pep in our step with the anticipation of restrictions being eased. The concept of finally been able to get back up to the hills and crags either has you very excited or a little bit apprehensive, so here are a few pointers to help you prepare.

Take time to regain your fitness and refresh skills

There is no better way to regain your fitness or build your skills than being out on the hills and crags, however, after a lengthy pause, your fitness and skills might need a little extra help. As well as cardio and walking long distances incorporating hills as much as possible, doing specific exercises focusing on the muscles we use for hiking and climbing can do wonders for your performance. Mountaineering Ireland’s website and YouTube channel have lots of information and videos to help refresh your skills. Check out “Tips on returning to the hills” for a specific talk on building your confidence and fitness by Kathryn Fitzpatrick. Our staff team are also on hand to support and provide advice directly so please drop us an email or give us a call for any question you may have.


Yes, I am going to mention the “z” word. Kick start with a Zoom meeting and re-engage with your walking buddies, club, or groups. Motivate each other by having an online session. Find out where you are at in terms of fitness, skills and activities and then make a plan to focus on key areas. If you are a member of a club, rest assured our clubs are working hard to keep you safe by following our guidelines, inline with government advice to help protect their members. If you are nervous or unsure about anything, raise it with the group or a committee member.  

Small Group Sizes

When we are able to join each other for exercise in groups again, keep the numbers small and in line with government. This will help make parking and social distancing easier, reduce environmental impact  and allow for easier group management. This will also help leaders build up their confidence again within a smaller, more manageable group size.

When the day does arrive

  • Be Covid smart check out our current guideline on returning to hillwalking and climbing on our home page.
  • Be Adventure smart: Ask yourself 3 key questions; do I have the right gear for the day ahead, do I know what the weather is like and am I confident that I have the skills and knowledge for my planned walk or climb?
  • It has been a few months, so start off easy and know your limits.
  • As people start to move again there may be more pressure on emergency services so always be prepared to change your plans.

Finally, enjoy the adventure!


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