News 2021

Title:  Minding your mental health
Date:  09/02/2021

Minding our mental and physical wellbeing has never been more important. Maintaining positive health and wellbeing can be more difficult, particularly when you do not have access to the hills and crags where you would normally go to rejuvenate and relieve daily/weekly stresses. There are many things that can influence our wellbeing, such as exercise, diet, sense of belonging, relationships, career, location and sense of purpose, many of which have been displaced for now. The sense of belonging and sense of wellbeing we feel when we walk together on the hills or climb together on the crags is a wonderful means of helping our wellbeing and we look forward to when we can get out on the hills and crags together again soon. Right now in these uncertain times and particularly during lockdowns it is important to take time to assess our wellbeing and replace some of our daily/weekly routines with other positive means of minding our mental and physical health. Here are a few signs posts to help keep us fit and healthy.   

Keep Well

The Keep Well campaign launched late last year by the government aims to support people and communities to mind their physical and mental health over the coming months. It helps show people of all ages how we can mind our own physical and mental health and wellbeing by adding healthy and helpful habits to our daily and weekly routines.  It provides guidelines, information, and tips on how we can make a plan to do things that will help us keep well through the coming months.  

Keep Well builds on the “In This Together” campaign which happened earlier in the year.  Below are the five main themes:

  • Keeping active - keeping active and being outdoors, even during the winter, is important to help physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • Staying connected - staying connected with people, addressing isolation, supporting volunteerism and initiatives that support person-to-person connection is important to our wellbeing.
  • Switching off and being creative - switching off and being creative or learning something new, getting back to nature and finding ways to relax can help our general wellbeing.
  • Eating well - by nourishing our bodies and minds, we can develop a better connection between the food we eat and how we feel and positively impact our physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Minding your mood – equipping people with information on where to go if they need support. This will also be linked with the local community helpline to ensure that people can access the support they need.


Additional Resources

Sport Ireland  and Sport Northern Ireland have resources and signposts to expert advice and guidelines with practical tips to maintain your mental health and well being. 

For more details go to:

Sport Ireland Be Well

Sport Northern Ireland Wellbeing 

If you have yet to see our Zooming Round the Mountain series you can see a whole range of them on Mountaineering Ireland’s YouTube channel. There are lots of videos to keep you entertained as well as helping you brush up on your skills and may be learn something new. You can find out tips on building your hill-fitness and confidence or learning more about the flora of the uplands and glacial features of the Irish Uplands. Hopefully these videos will provide some solace and help you get geared up for when we can get hillwalking and climbing again.




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