News 2017

Title:  Mountain Training Board of Ireland Update
Date:  20/07/2017


The Board of Mountaineering Ireland (MI) is pleased to announce that agreement has been reached on the establishment of a new Mountain Training Board of Ireland (MTBI) to oversee mountain training on the island of Ireland.

MTBI will replace Bord Oiliuint Sleibhe (BOS) and Mountain Training Northern Ireland (MTNI) from 1st January 2018.

MTBI will operate as a sub-committee of MI and will be a full voting member of MTUK, the Mountain Training networking and co-ordinating body for the UK and Ireland.  MTBI will consist of 10 volunteer members with relevant experience and expertise. A call for nominations will be made in September 2017. This will be followed by a selection process with the view to having the members chosen by November 2017 and ready to take up duty on 1st January 2018.

Full details of the new arrangements are available for download on the MI website. MI will hold a series of workshops around the country in the Autumn to provide any necessary clarification, receive further feedback and to encourage nominations.

Speaking today, Murrough McDonagh, CEO of MI said “This is an exciting development which will enable us to combine the resources available to MTNI and BOS in order to further develop mountain training in Ireland. Ongoing collaboration as members of MTUK in relation to shared awards and the development of new awards will facilitate the continued mutual recognition of awards, mobility of candidates and access to further training opportunities. There are significant developments in terms of the diversity of training courses and awards and we are seeing a marked increase in the uptake of training. The new MTBI will help us to maximise the potential of these initiatives in support of members and others who want to undertake training, the providers of training and awards, and bodies who rely on the integrity of the NGB awards to keep people safe in the mountains and deliver rewarding experiences”.

The Board of Mountaineering Ireland wishes to record its appreciation for the many years of commitment by volunteers and professionals in developing the current schemes of training through both MTNI and BOS. It looks forward to engaging with all involved in mountain training in creating the best possible support system for all members, candidates, users of the awards and training providers.

To read the Mountaineering Ireland approved MTBI proposal, click here


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