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Title:  Climbing Development Guidelines - Draft Two - Feedback Sought
Date:  31/12/2019

Work is under progress to produce a Climbing Development Guidelines document which aims to gather the collective knowledge and expertise of those who currently develop climbing areas as well as experts in relevant legal and environmental fields.

The first draft of the guidelines was produced with contributions from Geoff Thomas, Orla Prendergast, John Harrison, Michael Duffy, John Healy, Peter Wood, Chloe Condron, Ricky Bell, Andy Marshall, Kelley Smith, Vince Mc Alinden, Helen Lawless, Kevin Kilroy, and Damien O'Sullivan.

Based on feedback received on the first draft and continued input from the initial contributors, the second draft was produced. This draft of the Guidelines is now a much more coherent and concise document. 

The next stage of the development of the document is to seek further feedback and input from as many interested people as possible. The contributors to date would be very grateful if you could take some time to read the current draft of the document and provide feedback, as well as input additional relevant material that we may have omitted.

The document can be viewed via the links below, in Word and PDF formats: 

Word version - Climbing Development Guidelines - Draft 2

PDF version - Climbing Development Guidelines – Draft 2

Feedback and input can be sent by e-mail to Mountaineering Ireland's Climbing Officer, Damien O'Sullivan. Damien's email is

Alternatively, feel use the Google Form below:

Based on the feedback received, a third draft will be produced. The third draft will feature photos, vignettes, charts, etc in order to clearly illustrate the content.

In order to receive further feedback consultation meetings will take place in February. The dates and venues will be announced shortly.

The third draft will be presented for approval at Mountaineering Ireland's AGM on Saturday 28th of March.


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