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Title:  Mountaineering Ireland’s New Club Membership Fees for 2019/2020 Season
Date:  24/07/2019

Following a successful Motion passed at the Mountaineering Ireland AGM on the 30th March 2019, the new annual Club Membership fees of Mountaineering Ireland will be set at €35.00 for all club members commencing on the 1st November 2019 for the upcoming club year (1st November 2019 to 31st October 2020).

There are two discounted rates for young people; firstly for Club members aged Under 23 years of age, who are discounted to €20.50 each annually for club membership and secondly where members of a Club are Under 23 years of age and are also the son or daughter of a registered member of that same Club, a special discount rate of €7.60 applies for their club membership annually. Apart from these two discounted rated for young people, all other Mountaineering Ireland club memberships fees are set at €35.00 each. Mountaineering Ireland will shortly be reviewing the membership fees for individual members.

The discounts for early payment and for clubs with over 200 members have been discontinued. The new club membership fee of €35.00 covers all of our benefits and services, including insurance and the Irish Mountain Log. It will no longer be possible for members to pay a lower fee by opting out of particular benefits or services. Clubs joining Mountaineering Ireland for the first time can continue to affiliate before the new membership year starts, from the 1st September onwards, getting up to 14 month’s membership for the price of 12. The same arrangement applies for existing clubs registering newly joined members at that time of the year, however in both these situations the new fee of €35 per member will apply from 1st September 2019.

It’s important to have all clubs affiliated on or before the 1st of November renewal date to ensure that all club members are covered under Mountaineering Ireland’s insurance policy.


The club membership fee increase has been necessary in order to help Mountaineering Ireland to: 

  • Deliver our Strategic Plan aims for 2018-2021, as mandated by our membership in 2018;
  • Continue lobbying for improved and assured access for responsible hillwalkers and climbers;
  • Strengthen our support for clubs and hillwalkers, by establishing a new Hillwalking Committee and ensuring that we have a full-time Hillwalking Development Officer;
  • Strive to ensure that mountain landscapes are valued and protected;
  • Work with other relevant organisations to tackle upland path erosion;
  • Develop and promote formal and informal training to meet the needs of hillwalkers and climbers;
  • Encourage young people to participate in all aspects of mountaineering;
  • Continue to ensure we get the highest level of benefits in our insurance policy at competitive rates;
  • Offer an annual suite of membership events (Gatherings, Winter Lectures, Meets, Environmental workshops, Lynam Lecture, Coaching and Training events and Club Development initiatives).

The fee for those wishing to pay in Sterling will be set by reference to the Euro/Sterling exchange rate in September annually and also possibly reviewed pending developments in Brexit.

We appreciate and thank all our members for their continued support.


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