News 2018 

Title:  Climbing Development Squad
Date:  01/07/2018

Applications are now open for the Mountaineering Ireland Climbing Development Squad

The Climbing Development Squad is suitable for young climbers who are keen to improve their climbing performance and who regularly compete in climbing competitions. The aim of the Climbing Development Squad is to increase the performance standard of young climbers so that there is an increased representation and performance:
  1. At international climbing competitions;
  2. In trad climbing, sport climbing and bouldering.

The Climbing Development Squad is underpinned by three main philosophies, these are:

  1. Long Term Development – facilitation of lifelong active involvement in climbing;
  2. Climber Centered – coaching will centre on the goals and needs of each climber;
  3. Holistic Approach – support personal development and consider lifestyle demands.

The Climbing Development Squad aims to develop in each member three key elements of climbing performance, these are:

  1. Mental;
  2. Technical;
  3. Physical.

Becoming a member of the Climbing Development Squad

Membership of the Climbing Development Squad is reviewed twice per year; in September and December. In September the membership slate is wiped clean - all climbers whether past members of the squad or potential new members to the squad are invited to apply to join the squad. In December the membership is reviewed - additional climbers who have demonstrated that they meet the selection criteria may be added to the squad, existing members who are not meeting the requirements leave the squad.
  • Applications can be made using the online application form below.
  • Applications close on Friday 31st of August at 22:00.
  • Applicants must be members of Mountaineering Ireland.

For more information please click on the following link: Talent Development


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