News 2017

Title:  Share the Joy of Nature during Heritage Week
Date:  19/08/2017

Mountaineering Ireland is delighted to highlight the theme for Heritage Week 2017 (19-27th August) which is Nature and People. We are encouraging clubs and members to use this as an occasion to share the delights of Ireland’s hills, coast and countryside with others. It’s a great opportunity to bring people of any age outdoors and help them start, or renew, a relationship with nature.

Why not take a walk, pause and listen for the sounds of nature. Get down close to look at the detail in a wildflower, or watch an insect probing for nectar. You don’t need to know the names of flowers or butterflies to point out their beauty. By getting people out touching, smelling and tasting nature you can give them a sense of the life that’s in the outdoors.

Heritage Week 2

Nature supports human life, by providing us with food, pollinating many of our crops, providing us with building materials, recycling much of our waste and filtering our water. Biodiversity underpins our economy, and our health and well-being.

In recent decades, human impacts on biodiversity have accelerated and resulted in increased damage to habitats, loss of species, and degradation of our air, water and soils. We need to respect and protect Ireland’s natural environment. That can start with helping people to connect with nature and to understand how vital it is to human well-being.

Heritage week

The Heritage Week website has 100 different ideas for events to engage people with nature. Browse the list and make your plan today. For more information visit here.


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