Start Climbing

It has never been easier for young people to get involved in climbing. Indoor climbing walls and accessible outdoor rock climbing venues provide ideal places to give climbing a first try. Qualified and enthusiastic instructors will ensure that the activity is safe and enjoyable.

Where to go?

Indoor climbing walls provide an ideal venue to give the sport a try. Indoor climbing walls provide a safe yet exciting environment to experience all the thrills of climbing.

Click on the following link to find a climbing wall near you: Indoor Climbing Walls

If the visit to the climbing wall has been a success and you are keen to try climbing outside on rock, just ask the climbing wall to recommend a suitably qualified instructor.

What can you expect?

On a first visit to a climbing wall a member of staff will provide the necessary instruction and supervision. The member of staff may also carry out an Induction Session with you, so that you will be able to operate self-sufficiently on subsequent visits.

How much will it cost?

An individual visit to a climbing wall will typically cost between €7 and €12 depending on the size, style and location of the climbing wall.
Some climbing walls offer Induction Sessions free of charge, some charge between €10 and €20. 

What do I need?

All specialist equipment can be supplied by the climbing wall or instructor.
Regular sports clothing and footwear will do just fine for an initial try of climbing.

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