National Countryside Recreation Strategy

Development of a National Countryside Recreation Strategy was one of Comhairle’s initial priorities. MI participated in the Comhairle sub-group that developed the Strategy, which was published in September 2006. This sub-group was revived in 2010 to give renewed focus to implementation of the Strategy and to agree priority actions on a yearly basis. 
Comhairle na Tuaithe’s vision for countryside recreation, which underpins the Strategy, is a countryside, which welcomes all visitors who practise responsible use of the resource, and where the rights and responsibilities of both landowners and recreational users are respected and the necessary funding and structures are in place to deliver a recreation service.

The Strategic Objectives set out in the Strategy are:-

  1. To achieve sustainable and responsible recreation in the countryside.
  2. To promote caring recreational use of the countryside.
  3. To develop a national framework that promotes the rights and responsibilities of both owners and users.
  4. To develop a suitable structure to deliver a national countryside recreation service in a strategic and co-ordinated way.
  5. To secure a package of funding mechanisms to deliver on the objectives of the strategy