News 2015

Title: Savage Outdoors to support Mountaineering Ireland climbing competitions
Type: Climbing competitions
Date: 16/10/2015
System Date: 16/10/2015
Savage Outdoors will support Mountaineering Ireland by providing a range of Savage climbing volumes and Makak climbing holds for use at climbing competitions.

Savage Outdoors is an Irish company that produces high-quality hand made climbing volumes and training holds. Savage Outdoors is also the supplier of Makak climbing holds in Ireland. 

The Savage volumes and Makak holds will be used at the Junior Irish Lead Climbing Championship, the Senior Irish Lead Climbing Championshio, the Junior Irish Bouldering Championship and the Senior Irish Bouldering Championship. 

For more information on Savage Outdoors volumes, fingerboards and training holds please go to their web-site: Savage Outdoors.

For more information on Makak climbing holds please go to their web-site: Makak. You can contact Savage Outdoors to order Makak holds.