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Quads on lug
Title: Law breakers wreak havoc on Wicklow Mountains and What to do When you Encounter Quads on the Hills Anywhere
Date: 17/11/2014
System Date: 17/11/2014
Yesterday, while heading up onto Lugnaquilla, a Mountaineering Ireland member encountered two quad bikes. One of them was a child on a small green quad and the other a full sized quad with an adult on board.

The member said, "They didn't actually go as far as Lug - I think my taking their photo was enough to deter them. I came across them on Slievemaan. I took their photo and they covered their faces as they went past me, so they clearly knew they should not have been there. They started to do donuts in the boggy ground between Slievemaan and Lugnaquilla. I followed them down and they drove off towards Ballineddan again. As I came down off Ballineddan later I saw two quads on Lybagh. I was too far away to tell but believe they were the same guys. They had probably gone down to the road at Ballinfoyle and back up again from Ballinguilehill to get away from the glare of my camera!".

She added, 'What really shocked me was the amount of damage they had done to the top of Slievemaan, you can see in the photos the top of it was completely torn up by them'.

In the Republic of Ireland , a person caught driving a quad or scrambler on the hills can have their vehicle confiscated, they may be fined up to €3,000 and they can be sent to jail for up to six months. 

If you see quad or scrambler bikes on the Wicklow Mountains, phone the National Parks and Wildlife Service Duty Ranger immediately on 087 9803899. While they may not be able to respond, every call received is logged and each one adds to the pressure for this problem to be dealt with.

If you come across quads or scrambler bikes on the open mountain in other parts of the Republic of Ireland, contact the National Parks and Wildlife Service office in your area.

In Northern Ireland, the use of any vehicle more than 100 yards from a public road without a landowner's permission is against the law and should be reported to the police. If the area has an environmental designation, this activity is illegal even with the landowner's permission.

If you feel comfortable doing so, take photographs, vehicle registrations or any evidence you can get. And, please, send a copy to

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