News 2014

Title: Irish Bouldering League
Type: Competitions
Date: 5/9/2014
System Date: 5/9/2014

The Irish Bouldering League is ready to roll for the 2015/2015 season!

The IBL is a series of bouldering competitions suitable for climbers of almost all abilities, from relative novices to seasoned and experienced climbers. The IBL provides an excellent opportunity to meet and compete with other climbers in fun and friendly atmosphere. The IBL also provides brilliant motivation through the winter season.

Each round of the IBL comprises of approximately 20 boulder problems of varying difficulty, from relatively easy to the not so easy! Competitors score points by getting to the top of the boulder problems. Getting to the top of a problem on your first attempt scores 10 points. Your second attempt gets you 7 points. Your third attempt gets you 4 points. You are allowed unlimited attempts on each problem, getting to the top on any subsequent attempt scores you 2 points. If you don't reach the top but you hold the 'bonus' hold you get one point. 

The dates and venues of the IBL are:

Round 1: 11th October - Dublin - Gravity Climbing Centre
Round 2: 6th December - Cork - Awesome Walls Cork
Round 3: 31st January - Belfast - Boulder World Belfast
Round 4: 28th February - Dublin - Awesome Walls Dublin

For more information on the Irish Bouldering League please click on the following link: Irish Bouldering League

As well as the Irish Bouldering League there are two other fantastic competitions happening this Autumn.

Awesome Walls Dublin is holding their annual BlockStock competition on the 25th and 26th of October. For more information please go to the Awesome Wall webpage: Awesome Walls or the BlockStock event page on FaceBook: BlockStock 2014.

The Gravity Climbing Centre is holding the G-Force competition on Saturday 8th of November. For more information please to the Gravity Climbing Centre webpage: Gravity Climbing Centre or the G-Force event page on Facebook: G-Force.