News 2013

Title: Outdoor Recreation Strategy for the West Region - Your inputs requested!
Date: 04/12/13
System Date: 04/12/13
Mountaineering Ireland will be preparing a submission to the West Regional Authority who are commencing a process to develop an Outdoor Recreation Strategy for the West Region. Mountaineering Ireland are eager that members contribute their opinions to help shape this submission. Please read the commentary below, from the WRA, the briefing document and send your comments, observations and recommendations to by 16 December 2013.

The West Regional Authority has commenced the preparation of an Outdoor Recreation Strategy for the West Region in co-operation with the four Local Authorities in its functional area, namely, Galway County Council, Galway City Council, Mayo County Council and Roscommon County Council.

It is recognised that the West Region has an abundance of existing Outdoor Recreation facilities as well as the potential for significant future development in this area.   The focus area of the Strategy will encompass the administrative areas of Galway City and County, Mayo and Roscommon. 

Outdoor recreation activities can yield a significant dividend in terms of social and community benefits, promoting healthy lifestyles, environmental conservation, and economic development through activity-based tourism and associated economic activity.  It is intended that the strategy will examine how best to optimise the use of existing amenities and to  further develop and promote the sector, and it is for these reasons that it has been agreed between the West Regional Authority and the Local Authorities that an Outdoor Recreation Strategy be developed.

In addition to the policy/strategic element of the exercise, given the huge increase in popularity of outdoor activities in recent years, particularly adventure sports, it is suggested that the Strategy represents the opportunity to create a unique brand for the West Region as Ireland’s “Outdoor Recreation Destination”.

To guide and inform the initial drafting process, submissions are requested from interested parties regarding this strategy. We would like to hear your views on the key issues involved in order to best develop, enhance, and promote Outdoor Recreation in the West Region. 

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