News 2013

Title: Top of the world
Date: 15-10-2013
System Date: 15-10-2013
Dominic Burns from Belfast took 2nd place at the final round of the 2013 European Youth Cup for bouldering, which was held in Laval, France the past weekend. 

This result followed on from Dominic's excellent series of results through the summer and cemented his position of No.1 in the IFSC world ranking for his age group.

In Male Youth A Dominic and his team mates Eoin Acton and Jamie Rankin worked together to solve the challenging boulder problems. Eleanor Hopkins and Ciarán Scanlon both competed for their first time in an European Youth Cup bouldering competition. Ciarán was the only competitor in his group to get a particular climb on his first attempt.

The team was accompanied by Mountaineering Ireland team coach Eddie Cooper and Lucy Mitchell. 

Full results are available on the IFSC website, please click here: IFSC website.

Back in Ireland 106 climbers took part in the first round of the 2013/2014 Irish Bouldering League. Competitors had a great day of climbing at the Gravity Climbing Centre. The route setters at Gravity set twenty engaging climbs to test the skills of all the competitors. Only one climber, Darragh O Connor, was able to complete all the climbs on his first attempt. 

Full results and further information please go to the IBL webpage: IBL webpage.

The Irish Bouldering League is supported by, Great Outdoors, Gravity Climbing Centre and Awesome Walls

On Sunday 26 members of the Mountaineering Ireland Talent Development Squad trained at Awesome Walls Dublin. The climbers were coached by Terry O Connor, Michael Duffy, Michelle O Loughlin, Carla Mc Grath and Mountaineering Ireland's Talent Development officer Damien O Sullivan. 

The training session focused on route climbing skills and served as a preparation for the ODON Junior Irish Lead Climbing Championship which is taking place at Awesome Walls, Dublin on Saturday 19th of October. 

This Thursday 17th of October Awesome Walls is hosting a Night Climb and Shoe demo event. For anyone who would like to try climbing at night with only the light of a head-torch to guide your way this would be a really fun event.
For more information please click here: Awesome Walls Night Climb and Shoe demo event

On Saturday 9th of November, the Gravity Climbing Centre is holding their G-Force Open Competition. The G-Force Open Competition promises to be an amazing event. 
For more information please go to the Gravity Climbing Centre G-Force webpage: Gravity Climbing Centre G-Force event