News 2013

Title: BMC Junior Bouldering Series
Date: 16-08-2013
System Date: 16-08-2013

The third and final round of the British Open Youth Bouldering championship took place at the Climbing Depot in Leeds on August 3rd.  In past years there was one Junior British Bouldering Championship, just as there is one Senior British Bouldering championship, with the competitions being held in tandem. This was the first year that the BMC held a Junior Bouldering Series, and had girls and boys from Youth C through to Junior taking part (young climbers from approximately 12-19 years of age).

The first round of the series was held in Liverpool last December, the second in Glasgow (under the title of Scottish Junior Bouldering Championship).  Both of these first rounds had over 150 entrants, with the final event at the Depot attracting just over 100 competitors.

 In the first 2 events, there were 8 problems and each contestant had 5 attempts to do each problem with an overall time limit of 2 hours. Round three had the same time limit, the same number of problems, but the competitors only had 3 attempts. Most of the youths questioned did not like this change at all.  They mostly felt it did not give them a chance to work out a problem sufficiently, and they felt it added a great amount of pressure to have to get to the top in only three tries.

Dominic Burns and Jamie Rankin were the only youths from the north or south of Ireland to attend this final event of the series. It was a very hot sticky day, but they both did their best. Jamie came 8th, just missing the finals by one place.  Dominic entered the finals in 4rd place and went on to finish 2nd.  However, he was the Overall Winner of the Series, having come 3rd in Liverpool and 1st in Glasgow.

The day was very long, with registration at 9:00 and the podium presentations at near 8:00 p.m.  However it showed the dedication that everyone involved in these events has, from the competitors and their parents, volunteers and judges, and of course Rob Adie and his team. Rob Adie and all the volunteers did a great job of organisation, and all the youth seemed to have a great time. 

The next series begins in September; the location had not been decided.  All Irish youths interested in taking part should get climbing now and keep their eyes peeled for the  announcement of the dates and venues.

Report by Jeanne Rankin.