News 2013

Breaking into a car
Title: Walk and Park Safely
Date: 30/05/2013
System Date: 30/05/2013

Some advice for those thinking of heading to the hills this weekend.

Plan your walk in advance choosing a route that suits your map-reading skills, and the fitness of all those in your group. Make sure you are prepared for a change in the weather; it’s always colder, wetter and windier up the hills. For further tips, check our Walk Safely leaflet (link HERE).  

Unfortunately break-ins to parked vehicles have become a problem in many upland areas; including the Mournes, the Wicklow Mountains and the Galtees. Car crime in the uplands is typically opportunistic and fast, with most incidents taking place in the afternoons.  The Gardaí and the Police have appealed to people parking in the uplands to take the following measures to protect their vehicles:
  • Avoid leaving bags, clothing etc on view within the vehicle;
  • Open the glove box, and where possible, the lid on the boot, to show there is nothing in the vehicle;
  • Remove portable sat navs including cradle and suction pads; also wipe any suction marks off the windscreen;
  • If you must leave valuables in the boot, put them in before you arrive at the parking location; 
  • Secure the vehicle; 23% of vehicles broke into in Wicklow last year were unlocked; 
  • Report all break-ins or damage to vehicles;
  • Watch for, and report, suspicious any activity to the Gardaí or Police.
In addition, Mountaineering Ireland reminds groups that car-pooling reduces exposure to this crime and eases pressure for space in small or busy car parks. Mountaineering Ireland appeals to hillwalkers and climbers to follow this advice and pass it on to others. By doing so, we will be playing our part in reducing this type of crime.

Walk Safely leaflet (.pdf)