News 2013

Title: Youth Climbing Series Training Session
Date: 27/05/2013
System Date: 26/05/2013

Thirty-two young climbers converged on Awesome Walls Climbing Center, Dublin on Sunday 26th of May for training day in preparation for the Youth Climbing Series Grand Final. The Youth Climbing Series Grand Final is being held at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena in Ratho, Scotland on the 15th of June.

Regional coach Terry O Connor, Mountaineering Ireland’s Talent Development Officer Damien O Sullivan and Mountaineering Ireland’s Youth Development Officer Paul Swail assisted by a large group of willing and able volunteers pushed the young climbers to their limit for the entire day.

The main goal for the day was to get the young climbers conditioned for the twenty-meter high walls at the EICA, Ratho. Following a thorough warm up the young climbers began by working on a route that was beyond their current onsight limit. The climbers spent an hour working out sequences and attempting to link sections of the climbs together. After a thirty-minute break the climbers attempted to ‘red-point’ their climb. This trains the type of endurance needed on the relatively short intensive routes that are found at climbing competitions. Although the young climbers set themselves very high standards, with focus and determination many of them achieved their goal.

The latter part of the day focused on the type of endurance needed to climb continually on routes just below the individual climbers on-sight limit. For this the climbers climbed three routes back to back. And then, following a brief rest they repeated the three routes again, and once more again to finish, for a total of nine routes.

This type of training is particularly exhausting. With forearms already tired after three hours of intensive climbing the young climbers are forced to draw deep on all their reserves; physical, mental or technical. As always though the young climbers rise to the challenge, pushing their personal standards upwards in the process.

The day finished with a thorough stretching session and a debriefing on the day’s activities as well as some advice on how to further prepare for the competition on the 15th of June.