News 2013

Title: Save our Forests - Write to your public representatives
Date: 22/04/2013
System Date: 22/04/2013
Mountaineering Ireland is strongly opposed to the proposed sale of harvesting rights to Coillte forests, mainly because of the potential for any change in the management of Coillte’s estate to affect access for recreation. In practically every mountain range in Ireland the Coillte estate provides access, be it formal or informal, to the unenclosed mountain above the forest line. 

This is an appeal to you to contact your public representatives to express your concern about the implications any sale would have on continued public access to and through the Coillte estate. The politicians may say that recreation sites will be protected, but this overlooks the fact that all parts of the Coillte estate are used for recreation, not just designated recreation sites. Think about how often we all use Coillte forestry to access the hills above. They may say it’s only the harvesting rights they’re selling, not the land, but the bottom line is that there would be a number of commercial bodies owning our forests with no recreation remit or agenda. Effectively, the one who controls the crop will control access to it.

We believe the Government will make a decision on the sale of state assets in the coming weeks. We request that you sign the attached letter and send it to your public representatives at Leinster House, kildare Street, Dublin 2. 

Alternatively, or in addition, please send emails to public representatives asking the government not to sell Coillte’s assets.

Get your family and friends involved. Please ask them to download the letter and send it to their local representatives. go one step further, call to your local TD's clinic and tell them how it would affect you if we lose public access to Coillte's forests.

Join the fight and Save our Forests.