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Title: Mountaineering Ireland Talent Development Workshop
System Date: 23/01/2013
Mountaineering Ireland Talent Development Workshop

23 January 2013
A report on the Mountaineering Ireland Talent Development Workshop held at Awesome Walls, Dublin on the 20th of February. Written by Damien O'Sullivan.

Twenty nine young climbers, representing clubs and counties from all over Ireland took part in the Mountaineering Ireland Talent Development Workshop on Sunday 20th of January.

The workshop was supported by Mountaineering Ireland, hosted by Awesome Walls, Dublin and run was by National team coach Eddie Cooper (coach with NIYCT, Belfast), assisted by Neal Mc Quaid (Mountaineering Ireland, Talent Development officer), Terry O’Connor (Winders Climbing Club, Dublin) and Damien O’Sullivan (Cork Youth Climbing Club).

The specific purpose of the one day workshop was to prepare the young climbers for the upcoming Youth Climbing Series. To that end the workshop followed the format of a typical Youth Climbing Series competition.

The day began at 11am with a group warm up led by Northern Ireland Youth Climbing Team climbers Jamie Rankin, Eoin Acton and Dom Burns. Once the participants were thoroughly warmed up they were given an in depth briefing on the rules and regulations of the Youth Climbing Series by Eddie Cooper. Eddie demonstrated how the scoring system operates and advised how to maximize the points score on each of the three boulder problems.

Under the watchful eyes of a chaperone, a judge and a coach all the participants progressed through three challenging boulder problems. The format of the workshop allowed participants to test themselves in a realistic competition environment, whilst at the same time benefiting from high quality feedback and movement coaching.

Having finished the three boulder problems, participants were given a second briefing by Eddie. This second briefing dealt specifically with the routes. Just as on the morning’s boulder problems the participants fared well on the challenging routes set for them by the coaches. The height of the walls at Awesome Walls was new to many of the young participants, but they relished the challenge of getting to the top.

Such was the standard of climbing during the day that two super-final routes needed to be used in order to separate climbers in two of the categories. The huge level of commitment to their sport from the young climbers, their parents and their coaches is reflected in the steady rise of standard across all of the age categories.

The first round of the 2013 Youth Climbing Series will be held on the 2nd of February, at the Mardyke Arena climbing, Cork for the Southern area and at the Gortatole climbing wall, Fermanagh. For further details please visit this Mountaineering Ireland page.

Thanks to Mountaineering Ireland for supporting the workshop. Thanks to Awesome Walls, Dublin for hosting the workshop. Thanks to Jamie Rankin, Eoin Acton and Dom Burns and Kate Monaghan for assisting with setting the boulder problems, demonstrating the boulder problems and routes and for leading the warm up. Thanks also to the parents who assisted with chaperoning and judging. Finally, thanks to all the participants who made the day such a success. See you on the 2nd of February!