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Title: Unexploded Ordnance in Wicklow
Date: 09/04/2012
Unexploded Ordnance in Wicklow

9 April 2012

From Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team

Worrying about being blown up is usually the last thing that hill walkers will be thinking about whilst out enjoying the hills. However a recent incident in Ticknock highlighted that all users of the hills should be aware of the possibility of coming across unexploded ordnance while out enjoying themselves. On April 8th A man was out cycling with his family near the new MTB tracks and came across a very old munition. He called the Gardai who called in the Defence Forces Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team. They quickly disposed of the item using a controlled explosion.

We contacted the Army Press Office afterwards to check the details and they told us that the Army "Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team dealt with an old munition on the afternoon of 08 Apr 2012 in the Ticknock area. As you know, the Dublin Wicklow Mountains are a wonderful amenity but many areas had military usage going back hundreds of years and therefore the legacy of this can become apparent from time to time. We would always recommend if anyone is concerned about any object they come across, they should not touch it, mark its location without getting close, withdraw and contact the Gardai for further guidance. Under no circumstances should any objects be touched, prodded or moved in any way. The Gardai will always request the assistance of the Defence Forces should they require it."

This sound advice applies to anywhere where you might find something suspicious but is particularly relevant in areas near facilities such as the Glen of Imaal army range where firing of live munitions regularly takes place. If hiking in this area it is advisable to contact the Glen of Imaal Army Warden Office (+353-45-404653) or visit the Mountaineering Ireland website for the most up to date shooting schedule. Do not enter the military area when there are red flags on display.

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