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Title: Youth Climbing Series - Hot Rock
Date: 03/03/2012
Youth Climbing Series - Hot Rock

3 March 2012
Youth Climbing Series - Hot Rock
2nd round results (North), Youth Climbing Series

Youth Climbing Series Round 2 (Hot Rock) report

Last Saturday, 3rd March, the second round of the Youth Climbing Series took place at Hot Rock Climbing wall, Tollymore Mountain Centre.

76 competitors across all categories (aged 8-16) turned up for what was a very entertaining and friendly, competitive event..

It was also incredible to see representatives from several clubs across the northern half of the country on display - Hanging Rockers (Gortatole), NIYCT (Belfast), Evolution (Ganaway), Winders (Dublin), Hot Rock (Tollymore).

In the end, the excellent route setting of Eddie Cooper and Paul Swail meant that all groups were decided throughout all the ‘standard’ competition problems, with only Boys C going to a 3 way super-final. Just showing how close many of the competitors! This exciting super final was won by the determined Carson Carnduff, getting just that little bit further than Saul Calvert.

All in all, everyone left with a smile (and more tired than when they arrived :), and a lot of the volunteers and coaches from the respective clubs left very inspired by the standard of climbing throughout.

GIRLS: 1st Madelyn Calvert, 2nd Caoimhe Galbraith 3rdd Mia Burns
BOYS: 1st Adam Parker 2nd Luka Hallissey, 3rd Kyle Fell

GIRLS: 1st Aoife McLain 2nd Miriam Woods 3rd Murinn Gribben
BOYS: 1st Sol Harper 2nd Ben Cooke 3rd Andy Muinzer,

GIRLS: 1st Victoria Colligan, , 2nd Gerorgia Begley 3rd Anna Nelson, BOYS: 1st Carson Carnduff 2nd Saul Calvert, 3rd Philip Murphy,

GIRLS: 1st Kate Monaghan, 2nd Victoria Waterson 3rdCatherine Carberry
BOYS: 1st Dominic Burns, 2nd Jamie Rankin, 3rd Hugh Campion

GIRLS: 1st Vanessa Woods 2nd Niamh Hebblewaithe, 3rd Caitlin Miskelly
BOYS: 1st Ciaran Scanlon 2nd Eoin Acton, 3rd Daragh O'connor

The full results for all categories can be found on

The next round is this weekend in UCD quickly followed by the Irish final held in the Ozone in 21st April.

See you all there!

This event was generously supported by Jackons Sport Belfast, Tollymore Mountain Centre and Mountaineering Ireland. Many thanks.

Youth Climbing Series - Hot Rock
Youth Climbing Series - Hot Rock