News 2012

Title: Annual General Meeting 2012 & Members' Forum
Date: 24/02/2012
Annual General Meeting 2012 & Members' Forum

24 February 2012

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Mountaineering Ireland will be held on Saturday, 10 March 2012, in Hotel Minella, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

The AGM is a key opportunity for members to engage with Mountaineering Ireland and be involved in MI’s duty as a Company Limited by Guarantee to report on the previous year’s activities and financial position.

16:00 Meeting of Honorary and Individual Members if required

16:30 Registration for AGM

17.00 Annual General Meeting 2012

Agenda for AGM:

  1. Adoption of Standing Orders
  2. Adoption of Minutes of the last AGM
  3. President’s Address
  4. Honorary Secretary’s Report
  5. Presentation & approval of Financial Statements
  6. Appointment of Auditor for 2012
  7. Election of Board of Directors
  8. Election to membership of Clubs and Associated Organisations
  9. Nomination of Representatives to other organisations
  10. Motion(s)

18:00 Members Forum

A Members’ Forum will be held on Saturday, 10 March 2012 at 6.00 pm in the same venue. The Members’ Forum, like the AGM, is for all members. It provides members with an opportunity to discuss matters, including current Mountaineering Ireland policy, strategy and any other items of business. All members are encouraged to attend this forum and voice their opinions.

Members’ Forum Agenda

  1. Memorials on the Irish Mountains.
  2. The state of the path on Camarahill, Co. Wicklow.
  3. Rubbish on the summit of Mount Leinster.
  4. Dealing with quad bikes on the Blackstairs Mountains.
  5. AOB

Nominations to the Board of Directors

President: Ursula MacPherson

Honorary Secretary: Sandra Kennedy

Honorary Treasurer: David Batt

Paul Barron

Bridget Conway

Susan Jago

Ronan Lenihan

Stephen McMullan

Ross Millar

Patrick O' Sullivan

Please click here for a brief bio of all nominations.

Where a nomination for a position does appear on the agenda, nominations may still be made from the floor of the AGM, but only with the permission of the Chair, for compelling reasons.


That the delegates approve Mountaineering Ireland’s updated Policy and Guidelines for Organised Events in Ireland’s Mountain Areas.

Proposed by the Board of Mountaineering Ireland

AGM Standing Orders

1. The Proposer of a Motion or an amendment to it may speak for 5 minutes but not more than 5 minutes.

2. A Delegate speaking on a motion or an amendment to it may not speak for more than 2 minutes.

3. The Proposer of a Motion or an amendment to it may speak a second time for 2 minutes immediately before a vote is taken, but other Delegates may not speak a second time to the same motion.

4. When the Chair considers the matter has been sufficiently discussed, the Proposer may be called upon for a reply and when this has been done a vote must be taken.

5. A Delegate with the consent of the Chair may move “That the motion now be put”.