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Title: Tender for Mourne AONB Stategic Path Review
Date: 02/02/2012
Tender for Mourne AONB Stategic Path Review

2 February 2012

Tender for Mourne AONB Stategic Path Review

The Mourne Heritage Trust through funding made available by the NI Environment Agency and Sport NI is seeking competent individuals to develop strategic management recommendations for the recreational path networks in the Mourne Mountains and Slieve Croob areas (see map in downloadable document).

This will involve:

  1. Document the main recreational path networks and associated facilities in the Eastern and Western Mournes and Slieve Croob.
  2. Prepare a report detailing prioritised strategic management recommendations for the path networks taking into account:

    a. current route condition
    b. current and anticipated future recreation demand
    c. environmental and aesthetic impact
    d. the various access demands that impinge on the recreational path network
    e. availability of parking and public transport for visitors to access the Mournes.
    f. adjacent outdoor recreation sites and facilities within the Mourne AONB including Slieve Roosley and Murlough, the Newcastle Way and Mourne Way long distance walking routes.
    g. best practice ethics incorporating Leave No Trace for outdoor recreation in upland and mountain areas.
  3. Produce a GIS map of the Mourne Mountain recreational path network identifying the above issues.
  4. To complete the project by no later than 30 March 2012
If you are interested, please submit no later than 4pm on Tuesday 7 February 2012 the following information:

  1. Proposed methodology for each of the 4 elements of the project.
  2. Evidence of relevant qualifications and experience of this type of work including all team members expected to be involved in the project.
  3. Total charge for providing the service including VAT at 20% if applicable.
  4. Identification of additional expenses that will be incurred (site visit mileage etc.)
  5. Ability to meet the project timescale

Please submit to: The Office Manager, Mourne Heritage Trust, Newcastle Centre, 10-14 Central Promenade, Newcastle, BT33 OAA, 028 4372 4059,

Closing Date: Tuesday 7th February 2012 at 4.00pm

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