News 2012

Title: Youth Climbing Series finals, Ratho, Scotland
Date: 25/06/2012
Youth Climbing Series finals, Ratho, Scotland

25 June 2012

The overall finals of the Youth Climbing Series took place on Saturday 23rd at Ratho climbing centre, Edinburgh. With 26 young climbers (and supporting parents) attending from Ireland, along with 300 (300!) competitors from across the UK also, as you can imagine, it was a hectic/busy/intense/inspiring day of action across all age groups (aged 7-16).

After the initial stresses were burned off on the opening routes and problems all the young climbers settled in for the day of attempts, and socializing with the other competitors from across the regions.

Across all the climbers, everyone was fantastic. Those on their first experience at an event of this size, learned an awful lot and did amazing well, those who were attending for 2nd (or more) times, put that experience to good use and improved progressively. Inspring from every single one of them!
The final results can be found here. An additional report can be found on the BMC website here also. The BMC deserve full credit for hosting, along with Ratho climbing centre, this amazing event. Along with the help of 70 volunteers on the day (including many of the Irish parents), it wouldn't have gone off so smoothly without their help.