Hill and Moorland Leader Award 

(formally known as the Walking Group Leader Award)

The Walking Group Leader changed its name to the Hill & Moorland Leader in 2015. All candidates who have still to complete their assessment, will be given a period of 1 year to do so until January 2016. The training received will continue to be recognised after the 12 month period, but candidates will be assessed to the new scheme syllabus. The Hill & Moorland Scheme differs in some aspects, with a separate expedition module. The new syllabus will be delivered from January 2015. Please contact Jane at the training office for further clarification
The Hill and Moorland Leader Award scheme provides training and assessment in the skills required to lead groups on hillwalks in areas of Ireland and the UK. The terrain covered by this programme is limited to non-mountainous areas (such as upland, moor, bog, fell, hill or down) having no steep or broken ground. 
The scheme does not provide training or assessment in the skills required to lead others in the mountains, or cope with the special hazards of winter conditions. 

Download the Hill and Moorland Award Syllabus here

Registering for the Award:

Before registration candidates:
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a minimum of 1 year’s walking experience
  • Be a current member of  Mountaineering Ireland
  • Must have completed and logged at least 20 quality hillwalking days in suitable terrain