Mountaineering Instructor Certificate

This award trains and assesses candidates in the skills required for instruction of mountaineering, both summer and winter, including snow, ice and rock climbing. It builds on the skills acquired in both the Mountaineering Instructor Award and Winter Mountain Leader awards; both of which candidates must hold to access the Mountaineering Instructor Certificate scheme. The Mountaineering Instructor Certificate is an extensively used professional award.

Applicants must:
1.Hold the Mountaineering Instructor Award.
2.Hold the Winter Mountain Leader Award.
3.Have 20 days logged experience of winter party management. At least half must be post Winter Mountain Leader assessment.
4.Lead winter climbs at Grade III or above.
5.Have logged at least 10 routes at Grade II or above and at least 10 at Grade III or above in a minimum of three main mountain areas of the UK.

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