International Mountain Leader

This award trains and assesses candidates in the skills required to lead parties in mountainous areas, including snow-covered Nordic type terrain of the “middle” mountains but excluding via ferrata, glaciers and terrain requiring alpine techniques. The International Mountain Leader builds on the Mountain Leader Award, which candidates must hold. To operate professionally outside the UK, IML-holders must be a member of an association such as British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML).

As a minimum, the following information MUST be logged as individual entries in DLOG*:
•Your 20 quality international summer mountain days.
•Your 20 quality winter days in the UK or overseas.
•There should also be a reference in the Referee tab of your DLOG.

* candidates must register for this award with Mountain Training UK. Once you have registered you will start to complete your digital log book or DLOG.

Click here for full details on the course and details on registration.